Adolescent-Smartphone; Symbiotic Phenomena

Adolescent-Smartphone; Symbiotic Phenomena

Author(s): Mona Turki


Relying on the most recent studies of new communication and information technologies, the main objective of this paper is to unveil the impact of using smartphones on adolescents. This article focuses on the specificities and particularities of the “interdependence” between the adolescent and his/her smartphone. Smartphones possess the abilities to “augment” the human body with a multiplicity of sensual capacities. In this context, this article tries to deeply focus on the “symbiotic phenomena” between the adolescent and his/her smartphone. In this paper, we discuss Jeremy Bodon’s (2014) observation that the smartphone acquires the position of an organic artifact. For this purpose, we join the study of Jean-François Bach and his research team (2013) in order to decipher the main facets of the adolescent’s relationship with this new technology.

Keywords: Smartphone, Adolescent, Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST), User Experience


Turki, M. (2022). Adolescent-Smartphone; Symbiotic Phenomena. Journal Index of Exploratory Studies2(6), 389-401.